Trevor Hall & Nicholas David Mrozinski Show

As many of you know I am a huge music fan with a wide range of tastes in genre. Photography and Music are my two greatest passions in life.  Being a Wedding & Lifestyle Portrait Photographer, I rarely post any of my Musician & Band photos here but this night was extra special for me. First, I really like Trevor Hall’s music, and secondly, and even more exciting for me,  was that my dear friend Nicholas David Mrozinski got to play as well. Thirdly, I am the managing partner of Nicholas and I’s local indie label, Wake the World. I’ve helped Nicholas produce, design, and release 5 original albums, and they are all fantastic. Nicholas aka @thefeelin is an amazing singer/songwriter/pianist here in the Twin Cities, and got to play right before Trevor took the stage. They both put on an amazing show that night.

Funny side note:  The show took place in a ballroom at a Best Western in Mankato, MN. It was undoubtedly the best show EVER at a Best Western.  😉

I highly suggest you check out both amazing artists by following their links below:

Trevor Hall

Nicholas David Mrozinski


– Jackson

P.S. The song set to the slideshow below is “The World Before Me” from the album: Nicholas Mrozinski – Oak Chase Way