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This little guy was a blast to hang out with and beyond cool & cute. He was all smiles, and all boy, right from the get-go as we explored the forest.  =D

This was my second visit with this cool family, and my first time meeting Mr. Miles. It was a beautiful summer evening at the park, and we had a lot of fun exploring and laughing it up together. For a hilarious outtake from this session pop over to my Facebook Page.  =D

This was my 5th visit with this fun family, and it is always a blast. These kids love to run around with me. I actually wiped out after jumping over a big log and trying to make a quick turn thereafter. The kids (and parents) thought it was hilarious. I suppose my bellowing fake crying…

It was a hot one for this session, yet we had a blast nonetheless. These kids loved to run around and play…especially once we hit the water. What a couple of cute kiddos, and a wonderful family!  I heart my job.  =D