Brand messaging today is all about connecting with real people.

Genuine connection is essential to thrive in business today, and something I’m passionate about creating as a Minneapolis commercial photographer. As the world becomes wise to the fads of tricky marketing ploys and false promises, authentic on brand messaging & imagery is something that will stand the test of time, and it’s something I am passionate about creating.

Minneapolis commercial photography is a nuanced art and one that develops over time. Commercial photography is its own niche, it requires a careful eye to craft balanced shots that have personality and soul – without losing their professional edge. Creating one-of-a-kind, commercial photography that precisely communicates a brands message is a challenge I take on with great thought, consideration and care.

Building Relationships Through Authentic Imagery

One of the key aspects of successful commercial photography is building a relationship with customers. Inauthenticity and inexperience tend to find itself in photography, so it is critical to build a relationship early on. I strive to build connections with real people, in order to create photography that really showcases what makes a brand special, and how they can add value to their customers lives.

I understand the value of building a relationship, and how my photography can help a business thrive. In a digital world that is increasingly reliant on visuals, I have built my career on ensuring that clients in Minneapolis and elsewhere receive the very best.

Authentic imagery is what builds relationships and drives long-term success for a business and that is what I have built my service on. Images that are grounded in authenticity and beautifully convey the material you provide is what I love to create.

Minneapolis Commercial Photographer – Body of Work

I have been fortunate to work with some great Minneapolis clients and outstanding national brands. For each project that I work on, I ensure that each image is imbued with meaning and truly showcases the brand’s uniqueness.

Client List
University of Minnesota
Turtle Bay Resort Oahu
Wanderlust Festival
Window Walk

National Geographic
PDN – Photo District News
The Knot Magazine
Pioneer Press
Star Tribune



Half Day Rate – $1,500
Full Day Rate – $3,000

Please contact me for more detailed information.


More About Me

I have had the pleasure of working with businesses of all sizes, from tiny to huge and each one has been an incredible journey. Each experience has taught me the nuances and challenges businesses face, and the way photography can help mitigate many of these issues. I love to help solve problems and foster growth, and I recognize the role my photography plays in that so I aim to nurture it.

Being a small business owner myself, that knowledge gives me greater insight on exactly what businesses need to succeed. Plus, it helps that I bring a little more to the table than just my photography prowess. Previously, I was the managing partner of an indie music label and I also hold a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Concordia University. My educational background and prior experience along the way have been instrumental in developing my craft and approach. I have a solid understanding of what makes businesses thrive and I’d love to help your business or idea do just that.

Featured Commercial Projects

Portland Tower, Minneapolis

One of my recent commercial photography projects was for Shamrock Development’s new Portland Tower condo project in Minneapolis, MN. Some of the highlights from the shoot are below.

Part of being a commercial photographer is understanding what the limitations of a project are, and working with the material on hand to create something that still showcases the brand as a whole. For example, the building interiors were still being finished so it was not possible to shoot those. Instead, the focus was on emphasizing the beautiful views from the balconies and juxtaposing quintessential Minneapolis details to really highlight the building location.

Anchored by the beautiful new Minnesota Vikings Stadium and the newly opened Downtown East Commons Park, the focus was showcasing the natural beauty Minneapolis has to offer alongside the development and its progress.

Lifestyle Focused Minneapolis Commercial Photography

Another aspect of commercial photography that is often overlooked is balancing lifestyle shots with more promotional fare. Commercial photography requires a nimble balance between the two in order to convey the brand’s selling points while still keeping a natural feel of the overall project. Two projects, in particular, stand out in that regard.

Turtle Bay Resort in Oahu, HI

The Wanderlust Festival in Turtle Bay Resort, Hawaii is one of their landmark events. Turtle Bay requested a balance of lifestyle shots for social media as well as some more commercial shots for future marketing efforts. One of the key reasons why this was successful? Effective communication. Understanding what the shots were going to be, what kind of elements needed to be emphasized, as well as what the future marketing efforts were going to look like helped create shots that could service all these needs. The nuts and bolts of business marketing are the foundation to creating successful commercial photography – plus, it’s fun to learn about.


Guayaki Yerba Mate / Sebastopol, CA

Just like their mate, this business relationship grew organically. My Instagram posts of landscape photography and location scouting shots with a bottle of their “Enlighten Mint” or “Pure Endurance” caught the eye of their social media coordinator, and it all started from there. I identified deeply with their socially-conscious efforts, and doing lifestyle focused commercial photography for them was a real joy. This is a collection of images that I’ve shot for, or granted licensed to Guayaki to use for their marketing efforts. #ComeToLife

Jackson Tyler Eddy
(651) 335-1420

Jackson Tyler Eddy
(651) 335-1420