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I met Madison and her Mom at the Japanese Gardens and she reached out for me to hold her instantly. I held her for the first 15 minutes before we starting shooting. I’d try to give her back to her Mom, so we could get started but she would cry. What a little diva, rockstar,…

Superhero Peyton turns 4.  I chased Peyton around on the ground, in the air, and everywhere in between. What a nice, fun, and cool kid he is.

  Kenley & Lizzie had fun running around Elm Creek Park Reserve. This was my first trip out to Elm Creek. It’s a really neat place…and a huge park. These bff’s were very sweet and like each other a whole bunch. Too cute.  

  Annabelle has some gorgeous gazers for sure. She wins the award for most amazing eyes…I mean look at that 4th photo down. She was so sweet, happy, and curious during our shoot. What a cool little lady!  

  Lucia is an absolute doll, and an amazing walker for just turning 1! I chased her all around Indian Mounds Park in St. Paul. She was a complete and utter ham, full of energy and good spirits.