I had a great time shooting with these two in Colorado. I took a couple day break from my stretch shooting the Nicholas David & The Avett Brothers Tour (Pacific Northwest) to shoot with Ashley & Tom. We started off our engagement session in the gorgeous sunrise light at Chautauqua State Park in Boulder, Colorado. What a beautiful morning it was. We hiked around, explored, and had a ton of fun.

After we left Chautauqua we made a quick pitstop at Whole Foods to stock up on some nourishments before heading out towards Estes & Rocky Mountain National Park. We took our time cruising along Boulder Creek on our way up. I cannot begin to explain how much I love the great state of Colorado. So beautiful here.

We also came across a nice little herd of elk along the way too, and even got to see them fighting. Ashley & Tom did some funny real-time impersonations of the elk fighting. One of the elk may or may not have taken offense and shot us some dirty looks. We had a lot of good laughs together for sure.

Finally, we made it up through Estes and hit Rocky Mountain National Park just before sundown to catch some breathtaking views, cool clouds, and the always awesome, fog, rolling on through. What a blast.  =D