Beth found me googling around the Interwebs looking for “eco-friendly” photographers. She loved my work and we set up a meeting. Now, I truly enjoy working with people from all walks of life, but it’s always a little extra special for me when I share many of the same values with my clients. We chatted about eco-friendly vendors, local & organic caterers, etc. It was a great meeting and I had high hopes of having the honor to shoot their big day. Meanwhile, Mike was off living and working as a fishing guide in Alaska…must be rough right?

Needless to say I was ecstatic when they chose me as their photographer. We pushed out the engagement session until Mike returned from Alaska, and they scoped out a really cool place for the session. They chose Louisville Swamp in the Minnesota Valley State Recreation Area for their location, and what a cool place this is. We hiked a good 3-4 miles during our session on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Thanks to them, I now have another awesome location (and some new secret spots) to use with my other clients. Thanks guys!

Beth & Mike have an awesome wedding planned for next October at Camrose Hill Farm in Stillwater, MN. I am definitely looking forward to that one.

Funny side note:  One of the first things Beth told me was that her & Mike were not photogenic people. Take a peek at these and tell me if you agree.  😉