Corporate event photography of keynote speaker Simon Sinek


Capturing corporate event photography for forward thinking companies is something I truly love to do. Each year EY (formerly Ernst & Young) recognizes and celebrates the advancement of it’s global leaders in Orlando, Florida.

What separates EY from other companies is their commitment to continual personal growth, professional growth, teamwork, and inclusiveness. EY knows the value of it’s people, and is continually working on fostering those relationships and empowering it’s people.

Not only does EY spare no expense wining & dining their newly promoted employees during this weeklong event, at one of 4 gorgeous Orlando resorts, but they also bring in some of the most influential and inspiring keynote speakers and presenters. I’m a sucker for great messages and inspiring stories, so it makes capturing those moments even more meaningful. EY holds development classes, activities, and workshops all week long as well, while throwing some truly amazing parties in the evenings.

EY Milestones Corporate Event Photography Highlights:


Please enjoy this gallery of photographs capturing the magnitude and scope of this fun and inspiring corporate event.


Vertical and colorful photo of Simon Sinek speaking at the EY Milestones Corporate Event

Simon Sinek Photo speaking at a Corporate Event

Dramatic and colorful nighttime photo of Hogwarts Castle at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Long exposure photo of corporate event employees riding a rollercoaster

Corporate employees enjoying their company party at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Corporate event production stage featuring 4 giant TV screens showing Olympic triathlete Gwen Jorgensen who is about to take stage

Gwen Jorgensen is greeted on stage for her talk with EY executive at their annual corporate event

Olympic gold medal winner Gwen Jorgensen laughs during her talk at the EY Milestones corporate event in Orlando, FL

Gwen Jorgensen addresses the crowd from the beautiful EY stage

Dramatic cooperate event stage with three top level executives

Low angle view o three top level EY executives at their annual corporate event

Executives and actors role playing on stage during cooperate event

EY executive speaks from the grand EY stage

Close up of a drummer in action at the Food Truck party during an annual EY corporate event

Close up of the DJ's hands on the turntables at the Food Truck party during an annual EY corporate event

Female employee laughing with colorful lights in the background at EY's annual corporate event

The Crepe Company Food Truck at the Food Truck party celebrating EY employees

EY employees laughing and smiling for the camera at their annual corporate event in Orlando, FL

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