Featured Wedding Venue: Camrose Hill Farm

Every bride-to-be has a vision of their very own fairy-tale wedding. Making that fairy-tale vision a reality is normally no small task and at times can take months to plan out and organize. From the caterers and wedding cake to parking and entertainment, everything has to come together seamlessly. This is precisely why I believe Camrose Hill Flowers Farm is not only the perfect venue to host a wedding ceremony and party but offers spectacular resources to help pull off the wedding of your dreams. Having photographed many weddings at Camrose Hill, I speak from first-hand experience.


Camrose Farm was not always the highly reviewed, elegant and rustic garden-wedding venue it is now. It was once a simple, yet beautiful, dairy farm from the 1880s. When Camrose’s current owners stumbled across this historical dairy farm for sale, they knew without a doubt the grand potential this land had. Over time, they converted it to become the place of dreams it is today.


With Camrose specializing in flowers of many varieties and colors, you can imagine the breathtaking floral arrangements that would adorn your wedding party. You can have an incredible bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, decorative cake flowers and gorgeous centerpieces. All these flowers would be fresh from the farm with much care going into the fine details of every arrangement. If for some reason Camrose does not have a certain flower you want, they will carefully choose what you need from their affiliated commercial growers, keeping in mind freshness and price. Flower arrangements can run anywhere from $60 to $175 each, depending on what you want. Talk to them about your options for package deals.

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There is no need to worry about space or a lack of amenities when working with Camrose Farm. This venue can easily accommodate 200 guests. Between a pavilion and an attached tent, your wedding party will have plenty of room to mingle during your wedding reception. Camrose has locations for bridal parties and the groom to prepare for their special event. These locations are roomy and private. Plus, all of them feature natural and elegant decorations. If you want to have a wedding-picture photoshoot right after your dream ceremony, then have your guests soak in some sunshine and entertain themselves with cocktails and lawn games while you record your wedding memories with expert photography.


Now because you want your wedding memories to last a lifetime, it is crucial that your photographer not only intimately knows the couple getting married but also the venue so that they’re able to capture every detail and emotion on your special day.

I have ample experience photographing weddings at this magical and almost fantasy wedding venue. By really getting to know my clients, I have the ability to document their own personalized love story with life-like images that will withstand the test of time. I pride myself on capturing every detail, even the smallest of them, with every click of my camera. Whether it’s the entryway floral arrangement, a distinctly planned dinner platter, table setting or the moment the new couple shares their very first kiss as husband and wife, I strive to capture everything in the best angles and lighting. I promise you will absolutely fall in love with your wedding memories time and time again when viewing your photographs.

When it comes to turning one of the most important days of your life into a fantasy fairy-tale dream come true, consider what the perfect pairing of Camrose Hill Flower Farm and my photography services will do for you. I’m Jackson Tyler Eddy, an award-winning, adventurous wedding photographer based in Minneapolis. I’ve photographed many couples all around the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. With my background in photojournalism and love of fine art, I love creating modern photos that show your genuine emotions in bold colors.

If you’re planning a destination wedding, I’m happy to be there for you as well. I’ve taken photos for weddings in San Francisco, San Diego, Palos Verdes and La Jolla in California. Weddings are also beautiful at the Wallowa Lake in Oregon, Chicago’s Botanic Garden and the majestic Rocky Mountain National Park of Colorado. I’ve even captured wedding moments in Sapodilla Bay in Turks and Caicos, the Cabo coats in Mexico and Hawaii. Contact me today to talk about your visions for the perfect wedding images.

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