Featured Wedding Venue: Weisman Art Museum

As a Minneapolis wedding photographer I know how important it is to pick the perfect wedding venue. That’s why I believe weddings at the Weisman Art Museum are such a fantastic idea. This wedding venue is absolutely one-of-a-kind, artistic, truly awesome, and such a great spot for photos. Yes I know I’m super biased but I’m guessing you LOVE great photos too. Especially at your own wedding. Congratulations on that by the way!!!

To be helpful, I’ve included some great information, photos, and link to a real Weisman Art Museum wedding below, to help you decide if it is indeed the perfect Minneapolis wedding venue for you.


Wide angle shot of a couple kissing in front of the Weisman Art Museum on their wedding day
The museum provides several great spaces for both your ceremony and your reception. Your two ceremony options are the Woodhouse Gallery or the Davis Gallery. Both choices allow you to get married surrounded by beautiful artwork. The Woodhouse Gallery has a maximum capacity of 130, and the Davis Gallery can accommodate 175 guests.

One reception option is the Dolly Fiterman Riverview Gallery, which, as the name suggests, has great views of the river. It can seat up to 160 people for dinner or 250 guests for a standing reception.

The William G. Shepherd Room is another reception option. It can accommodate up to 120 people seated. Since the Dolly Fiterman Riverview Gallery and the William G. Shepherd Room are adjacent to each other, you can also use both spaces, which gives you space for 240 people for a seated dinner or up to 350 people for a standing reception.


Detail shot of unique table settings at a Weisman Art Museum wedding

The Weisman Art Museum requires that you pick a caterer from their approved list. In some cases, these caterers can handle both your food and bar services. They have been chosen because of their high level of service and their understanding of specific food and beverage regulations put in place by the museum. This includes closing the bar at least half an hour before the event is over as well as not allowing food or beverages to leave the premises. Caterers from this approved list also know where food and beverages are not permitted in the venue. Food and beverage restrictions are in place for the sake of the art.

Rental Info

Couple embraces outside on the balcony, at sunset, during their Weisman Art Museum wedding
The Weisman Art Museum is available to be rented from 8 am-midnight. Rental charges are for 6-hour blocks and are about $1,000-$3,000 depending on the day of the week and the space that you would like to rent. Additional hours can be added to your rental agreement prior to your wedding day.

I think one of the great things about this venue is that there are many little things included in your rental fee. This includes chairs, tables, a dance floor for use in the Shepherd Room, a podium with a mic, an audio system, and easels.

Other Things You Should Know

Real wedding ceremony at the Weisman Art Museum

Because this is a museum and they do not want their artwork damaged, they do have some restrictions that you may not encounter at some of the other local venues. This includes that nothing can be attached to any of the museum’s interior or exterior surfaces, and the artwork cannot be removed. This should not be a problem since the artwork provides great décor for your special day and easels are included with your rental for any personal signs. The museum also has restrictions on things such as fresh flower petals, confetti, balloons, and open flames. Make sure to get any decorations approved by museum staff before your wedding day.

If you are considering getting married at the Weisman Art Museum or hosting your reception there, visit the museum. They do not charge an entrance fee, and they are open daily Tuesday- Sunday. A visit to the museum will help you know if you can envision yourself getting married there. While it will cost extra, you may also want to schedule a private guided tour of the museum for your wedding guests, especially if you have a lot of out-of-town guests.


As a wedding photographer, I really cannot overemphasize how many great photo opportunities this venue provides. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to check out some of the wedding photos I took at a Weisman Art Museum wedding. From the great artwork to the awesome views of the Minneapolis skyline and even the building’s unique exterior design, you are sure to not be disappointed by the great wedding photos you get at this venue.

If you are looking for a photographer for your wedding, please feel free to pop over to my Weddings Page to find more images and information. You can also contact me directly with this handy form here. Whether you get married at the Weisman Art Museum or you pick another awesome location, I’d love to help you get some equally awesome photos.







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