I was lucky enough to have my Dad come with me on this adventure down the canyon and into, what feels like, a completely different world. Once you pass through the little village of Supai and reach Havasu Falls it truly seems as if you’re in a dream. The surreal blue-green water against the colorful canyon walls makes this place one-a-kind. Havasu Creek is fed by springs and its unique combination of minerals and carbonate precipitate create the magical color of the water.

Havasu Falls is the main attraction but Mooney Falls rivals it in beauty and that is just the beginning as you travel further down the Colorado River canyon. The other two falls that make up the big 4 are Navajo Falls and Beaver Falls but the beauty doesn’t end with those as the whole area is magnificent.

It is about a 10 mile hike, horseback ride, or helicopter ride each way so make sure you’re well prepared for this awesome adventure. This area lies just outside of the Grand Canyon National Park and is maintained by the Havasupai Tribe. Havasupai means “people of the blue-green water” and they are intimately connected to their fragile land & water so be respectful and tread lightly. Information to start planning your adventure can be found on their official website. I’d highly recommend camping as opposed to staying at the lodge in Supai Village. Not only is it a 2 mile hike to the falls from the lodge but you’ll also miss out on the magic of camping under those stars surrounded by absolute beauty. Add this place to your bucket lists for sure!

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