Engagement photo of couple laying down on a grassy mountain with their foreheads touching while they are holding hands at Memorial Park in Red Wing, MN


This Red Wing engagement session is famous on Pinterest, with over 100K pins. It’s also featured in online posing guides and dozens of other wedding & engagement focused websites.

I’ll share the different Red Wing, MN locations we used to capture these engagement photos, as well as some fun background information about my super cool clients.


Engagement Session Locations in Red Wing

Red Wing, MN sits on the Mississippi River about an hour southeast of Minneapolis & St. Paul. Red Wing has some beautiful hilly areas, bluffs, and large wooded areas. Downtown Red Wing has a small town feel with some really great parks down by the river. Below is a list of the locations we utilized during our time together.

  1. Memorial Park
  2. Sorins Bluff
  3. Josephson’s Clothing Store
  4. Levee Park
  5. St. James Hotel


My Awesome Newly Engaged Couple

Katie & Patrick spent a good chunk of their lives growing up in beautiful Red Wing, MN. It was only fitting (and fun) to take it back to their roots for their eSesh. Patrick’s family has owned Josephson’s Clothing store in Red Wing for decades. We started our shoot there as it’s a really neat store with lots of character. Katie & Patrick were a ton of fun, and I am very excited, and honored, to be shooting their big day next year.

Funny side note: I was famished after our session and looking for a good place to eat. I stumbled upon “Fiesta Mexicana” to grab a quick bite before driving back to the cities. Low and behold Katie & Patrick, along with their parents, come walking through the door shortly after me. They invited me over to eat and informed me that this was their absolute favorite restaurant in Red Wing, and after our fun/funny dinner together I could see why.


Gallery of Red Wing Engagement Photos

Enjoy these engagement photos from this fun session in Red Wing, MN.


couple sitting forehead to forehead while smiling during their engagement session in Red Wing, MN at Memorial Park


newly engagement couple holding each other close with a bright white sky behind them creating the illusion of empty space

Engagement photo of a couple as the man dips his fiancé and kisses her behind the St. James Hotel in Red Wing, MN

Couple embraces on the dock at Levee Park in Red Wing, MN during their engagement session

Couple snuggling up close as they look out toward the Mississippi River at Levee Park in Red Wing, MN for their engagement photos

Sunset silhouette of couple standing face to face with the sun reflection over the Mississippi River

Couple gazes into each others eyes in a cool alley that features a brick wall that is covered in ivy

Couple smiling at the camera in a neat downtown Red Wing, MN alley that features a brick wall that is covered in ivy

Overhead shot of a newly engaged couple as they lay on the bench at Levee Park in Red Wing, MN during their engagement photos

Newly engaged couple going in for the kiss in front of Josephson's clothing store in Red Wing, MN

Couple sitting together and smiling hugely at each other on top of the large clothing racks inside Josephson's clothing store during their Red Wing engagement session


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