Emerson / Mini Philosopher / Ojai, CA

I am so very excited to share these images and this story. Emerson is one of the coolest kids I’ve had the pleasure of hanging with and the story and path that led me here is right on par.  It’s actually one of the main reasons you are seeing any of this in the first...

Find a kidney for Jack Certain & Gorilla Yogis

This is a beautiful story of a loving community coming together to help a sweet little boy find a new kidney that he so desperately needed. Little Jack Certain had kidney issues since his time in utero. He had his first transplant at age two, receiving a kidney from...

Thorman Kids | At-Home Session

I love At-Home sessions, as the kids thrive in their natural environment, and the images always hold that extra special meaning on down the road.  I had a blast playing with trains, reading books, and watching these two cute kids cruise around and do what they do.  I...

Jackson | One Year Photos

This little guy was a blast to hang out with and beyond cool & cute. He was all smiles, and all boy, right from the get-go as we explored the forest.  =D

Miles, Lizzie & Family

This was my second visit with this cool family, and my first time meeting Mr. Miles. It was a beautiful summer evening at the park, and we had a lot of fun exploring and laughing it up together. For a hilarious outtake from this session pop over to my Facebook Page....

Hormann Family

It was a hot one for this session, yet we had a blast nonetheless. These kids loved to run around and play…especially once we hit the water. What a couple of cute kiddos, and a wonderful family!  I heart my job.  =D

Trystan | Destination Family Photographer

I had the pleasure of hanging with this little guy in Riviera Maya, Mexico.  What a ball of joy Trystan is.  Here’s some of my favorites from our time together.  =D

Riesland Family | Duluth, MN

I made the trek up to Duluth to visit this awesome family. These two kids and I had so much fun together. We were laughing it up the entire time. I love this family...and my job! =D

Lucia | Two Years Old

Lucia is such a little sweetheart. This is my second time getting to run around with her. We cruised around Harriet Island, played on the playground, and explored along the river. She could have stayed in the woods making leaf and rock piles until the sun went down....

Zachary | One Year Old

I made the trip down to Mankato to visit Zachary just one day after his big birthday bash. We just hung out and let Zachary do all of his favorite things around the house. We made a mess in the kitchen, spreading oats all around. Then we made our way over to the...

Gridiron Giving

Today I volunteered my time at the University of Minnesota Amplatz Children’s Hospital.  My friend Ryan Thorman, former U of M Football Player, recently created a new 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization called Gridiron Giving.  It all started a few weeks ago with a...


Carley is one cool kid.  She warmed up to me right away and we had a lot of laughs together.  We braved the cold and ran around in the woods.  She even brought her Christmas Fairy Princes outfit along to show off, just before the holidays.  What a good time.  =D


I have been so swamped during this busy season that I have been neglecting posting here.  I've posted a bunch of new sessions on my Facebook Photog Page if you'd like to see the latest sessions...and some super cute kiddos. I can see the light at the end of the...

Super Peyton

Superhero Peyton turns 4.  I chased Peyton around on the ground, in the air, and everywhere in between. What a nice, fun, and cool kid he is.  

Kenley & Lizzie

Kenley & Lizzie had fun running around Elm Creek Park Reserve. This was my first trip out to Elm Creek. It's a really neat place...and a huge park. These bff's were very sweet and like each other a whole bunch. Too cute.


  Annabelle has some gorgeous gazers for sure. She wins the award for most amazing eyes...I mean look at that 4th photo down. She was so sweet, happy, and curious during our shoot. What a cool little lady!  

Kids are awesome!!!

I love kids. Here is a slideshow featuring many of the kids I photographed in 2010. I had a blast shooting all these little guys and girls. Enjoy!

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