Giant doubled up wave crashing during a gorgeous sunset at Land's End in Cabo San Lucas


This collection of photos from Land’s End in Cabo San Lucas showcases the absolute gorgeousness of the area. Situated on the Baja Peninsula, right next to the famous Arch of Cabo San Lucas (locally known as “El Arco“) it is one of the most beautiful areas in all of Mexico.

If you are going to visit Cabo San Lucas, Mexico I highly recommend staying at Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort as their exclusive stretch of beach, and the rock formation there, is one-of-a-kind. You’re also really close to Lover’s Beach and El Arco, and away from most of the hustle and bustle of the more mainstream part of town. If you’re planning a wedding in Cabo, I’d recommend Grand Solmar as well, or the giant Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach resort, just down the way from here.

I caught these Land’s End photos while location scouting for a wedding I was in town to shoot. It was such a gorgeous evening to stroll the beach and watch the waves crash right in front of you. Don’t get too close though. The waves crash on this marvelous stretch of beach with absolute authority. The amazing shore break is due to a very steep sandy beach and a roaring ocean. It’s not a swimmers beach for the most part but you could definitely sit here forever, feeling the oceans powerful rhythm. Skim boarders love this place as it’s an international hub each year during the annual Cabo Clasico.

I caught some really talented skim boarders taking full advantage of it during my exploration. They were catching some massive air on these big waves. Later, Instagram helped me track down the skim boarders. Turns out it was Savage and JoogSquad, of storied YouTube fame. You have to be wild by nature to navigate the waters of Land’s End shore break, no doubt. 😉

Be sure to add Land’s End in Cabo San Lucas to your travel bucket list for sure!

Enjoy this collection of images from Land’s End in Cabo San Lucas


Wave crashing at sunset with the sky's color reflecting off the sand at Land's End in Cabo San Lucas

Close up of wave crashing during sunset at Land's End in Cabo San Lucas

Savage of JoogSquad riding the top of an huge wave on his skimboard at Land's End in Cabo San Lucas

Savage and the JoogSquad boys holding their skimboards, waiting for the next perfect wave at Land's End in Cabo San Lucas

Savage of JoogSquad getting his picture taken by a girl with blue hair while he rides a wave on his skimboard at Land's End in Cabo San Lucas

Colorful blue wave crashing during a painted sky sunset, looking the opposite way from Land's End in Cabo San Lucas


Jackson Tyler Eddy, of A Frame Forward Photography, is an awarding-winning Minneapolis wedding photographer who has been traveling to shoot at destinations worldwide for the last decade. Cabo San Lucas is one of his favorite places in the world. Feel free to reach out to Jackson directly to plan your own Cabo photo session or with any other questions, thoughts, or ideas. Hop on over to his Blog for more things weddings & engagements.