Could I have asked to work with a better couple? No way. These two are kind, intelligent, creative, and fun. What a combination! What a perfect day it was for this lovingly awesome couple. Lauren & Noah incorporated some really great eco-friendly aspects into their wedding as well.  They had plant-based, compostable plastic cups & utensils, and used recycled paper plates. Everything went into the compost, except for the glass which was recycled.  In addition to that awesomeness, they also forwent wedding favors and made a donation in each guests name to the Daylight School in Pokot, Kenya where Lauren has spent countless hours volunteering her time and currently serves on the board.  Read more about this great cause at  Very, very cool.

Cool info about Gale Woods Farm:  Gale Woods Farm is a beautiful 410-acre park that features a working educational farm. Located in Minnetrista, MN on Whaletail Lake, the farm provides opportunities for visitors of all ages to enjoy experiences that enhance their understanding of agriculture, food production and land stewardship. Gale Woods Farm employs eco-friendly landscape and facility design and also makes many other eco-friendly choices as well. They utilize waste reduction, reuse, compost, and recycling programs as well as providing organic and local food & beverages.