View from the ground up of a family cheers with their beverage glasses after a wedding at the Lyndale Park Peace Garden in Minneapolis


Why a Lyndale Park Peace Garden Wedding is a Great Idea

  1. You’ll be with your nearest and dearest in a gorgeously landscaped outdoor Minneapolis wedding venue.
  2. This awesome Minneapolis park provides a peaceful natural vibe for weddings ceremonies and smaller elopements.
  3. It’s one of the best areas for wedding photos being situated right next the Lyndale Park Rose Garden and Lake Harriet.
  4. The park is a very affordable option compared to other more traditional wedding ceremony locations in the Minneapolis area.


Peace Garden Wedding Venue Information

The Lyndale Park Peace Garden in Minneapolis is an absolutely fantastic place to get married. If you love all things nature and peaceful vibes this spot may be perfect for you.

Here are some helpful details to assist in the planning of your own wedding at the Lyndale Park Peace Garden, followed by a gallery of images from a real wedding below.


Lyndale Park Peace Garden
4124 Roseway Road
Minneapolis, MN 55409


The Lyndale Park Peace Garden is available to rent seasonally from May 15th to October 15th. Rentals can be done in 3 hour increments as shown below:

  • 6-9 am
  • 9 am-noon
  • Noon-3 pm
  • 3-6 pm
  • 6-9 pm

The Lyndale Park Peace Garden is also an excellent place for engagement photos as well. Rental fee below does not apply for this and can be done during normal park hours from 7:30am – 10pm.


A permit for your Lyndale Peace Park wedding will cost $525 dollars for 3 hours. Only wedding ceremonies are allowed, no receptions. Parking fees will also apply. There is both a parking to and street parking available.

The permit fee will make sure that your event is the only event taking place in the park but it does not mean that you will have exclusive private use of the park during that timeframe.


Wedding Ceremony Size

The Peace Garden can accommodate weddings for up to 200 people.


Ceremony Locations & Important Details

The large grassy area in the park will accommodate larger weddings and the only spot in the park where you are allowed to setup chairs. However, you can have your wedding ceremony in various parts of the park as well.

If you choose to have a larger ceremony and want chairs, you can rent them using the parks preferred vendors. Rentals can also be done from the same preferred list for tents, canopies, microphones, music players, speakers, etc.

You may not leave anything behind in the park so no confetti, seed, or rice is allowed. And because there are permits granted for events in the park every 3 hours cleanup needs to be quick and easy and not left for the next guests.

Chuppahs that are removable and unattached are permitted but they cannot be staked in the ground. They must rest on the surface.

My favorite ceremony area is near the small waterfall as featured in the real wedding gallery below. Unfortunately this area will only work well for smaller weddings.

You can rent the space the day prior for your rehearsal or walk thru as well.

Alcohol is not permitted in the park.

Ceremony Site Map:

Lyndale Park Peace Garden Wedding Ceremony Site Map



A Real Summer Wedding at the Minneapolis Peace Garden

Mehtab & Tony had a really great elopement at the Lake Harriet Peace Garden, joined by their closest loved ones. They called me only 2 weeks prior to the ceremony, and luckily were getting hitched on a Friday evening so I was still able to make it work. The ceremony was short & sweet and in one of my favorite parks in the cities. They also hired a really sweet accordion player to set the perfect mood. Everyone moved over to the Graves Hotel for a wonderful wedding reception dinner afterwards, and the newlyweds planned to have a big Bollywood Bash in the next year to celebrate with the rest of their extended family & friends. Please enjoy their gallery of wedding photos below from one of the greatest parks in Minneapolis.


Gallery of Lyndale Park Peace Garden Wedding Photos


Newlyweds sit together closely on the rocks of the waterfall fountain at the Lyndale Park Peace Garden in Minneapolis right after their wedding ceremony

close up of brides flowers during her wedding ceremony

macro shot of the wedding rings

minneapilus park & recreation board sign for the Lyndale Park Peace Garden and Bird Sanctuary

accordion player playing in to a young family near the water fountain at the Lyndale Park Peace Garden in Minneapolis

close up of accordion players hands playing the accordion

"Harmony" public art installation at the Peace Garden in Minneapolis

groom stands at the alter awaiting his bride during their wedding ceremony at the Lyndale Park Peace Garden in Minneapolis

brides father walks her down the isle

close up of father walking his bride down the isle

Bride approaches groom during their wedding ceremony

Low angle view during the wedding ceremony

closeup of bride smiling at her groom

bride and groom exchange rings near the waterfall fountain at the peace garden in Minneapolis

first kiss during the wedding ceremony

traditional Indian gift exchange after the wedding ceremony with mother gifting a bracelet to her daughter

group photo of all in attendance for the wedding ceremony

bride and her sister

snacks to be fed to each other typical for hindu wedding ceremonies

bride feeds her groom after the ceremony which is a tradition in Indian wedding culture.

bride and groom sitting together under the branches of a soft pine tree

view thru the leaves of the couple sharing a sweet private moment right after they are married

bride and groom cross the street on their way to the Rose Garden

Bride and groom giving each there knuckles on their wedding day at Lyndale Park

Couple cheers glasses at the Minneapolis Rose Garden post wedding ceremony

Couple smiling at teach other with their reflections shimmering across the Rose Garden fountain

newlywed bride and groom hold hands and smile widely at each other in front of the cool water fountain at the Minneapolis Rose Garden in Lyndale Park

Couple walks hand in hand thru the rose garden

formal vertical portrait of bride and groom

couple snuggles into each other smiling with their eyes closed enjoying the sweet moment together

candid photo if bride walking near the fountain at the Lyndale Park Rose Garden

Bride and groom in the Graves Hotel lobby, where the couple had their wedding reception post ceremony

Couple kissed in front of cool wall art at the Graves hotel, their wedding reception location after their marriage at the Lyndale Park Peace Garden

Creative image of a couple kissed thru the large glass art installation at the Graves Hotel post their wedding ceremony at the Minneapolis Peace Garden




Jackson Tyler Eddy, of A Frame Forward Photography, is an awarding-winning Minneapolis wedding photographer who has been traveling to shoot at destinations worldwide for the last decade. Feel free to reach out to Jackson directly for more information about planing your own Lyndale Park Peace Garden wedding or elopement. Hop on over to his Blog for more things weddings & engagements.