I always ask my clients about the things they enjoy doing together, and about the places of special significance to them, or to their story, so we can incorporate those ideas into their engagement sessions.  It always makes the imagery that much more powerful…especially years on down the road.  Marlo & Matt rattled off a bunch of fun ideas right away and we got the ball rolling quickly.  I love knowing what we are going to do, and also walking into it without a single planned shot.  I love shooting on the fly, and creating it all in the moment.  Playing in the unique light & space of any given moment is one of my favorite things to do.  Sometimes when you do too much planning, it presents the possibility of missing those fleeting moments that just create themselves.  This session is one of my all-time favorites in that regard.  We put ourselves in cool situations and created in the moment, and all the while laughing and joking together along the way.

Marlo & Matt live and play in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis. They love going to movies at Riverview Theater, playing tennis together, and hanging out at Parkway Pizza…so we of course did all three.  We had a blast running around together, and I enjoyed watching Marlo beat Matt in both Tennis and Foosball.  Matt was a very good loser I have to say.  ;-D

These two are my kind of clients, such a great couple, and cool individuals. Can’t wait for their big day!