I am so excited to share this news!

My great friend Nicholas David Mrozinski (aka Nicholas David from Team CeeLo on this season of NBC’s The Voice) just killed it with his perfomance of the Hall & Oates classic “She’s Gone”, and won his Battle Round.  Now we get to hear him sing yet again…so cool. (UPDATE:  Nicholas is now in the Final 4 and actually one of the favorites to win it all.)

Why is this so cool to me you might ask?

Well, before I officially started A Frame Forward Photography, I partnered up with Nicholas, and have helped him produce, design, and release 5 albums of his amazing original work on our indie music label, Wake the World.  Our 6th album, which was near completion, is now temporarily on hold while the show plays out.

I actually honed in a lot of my photography skills shooting all of Nicholas’ promotional images, performances, and even some fun videos I’ll share in a moment.  We’ve worked so hard together over these past 8 years and it is exhilarating watching Nicholas seize this opportunity.  It has been a long road coming and we’ve grown so much, and I’m just so proud of you Nicholas!

Here’s some of those fun tidbits and links to check out for more of his music, message, backstory, and you even get to hear me blabbing away in a quick little documentary on Nicholas produced by our good friend Todd Randall over at Mode T Productions.

Nicholas David Mrozinski Official:  http://thefeelin.com  |  http://www.facebook.com/thefeelin  |  @thefeelin on Twitter.

Search for “Nicholas Mrozinski” on iTunes to hear his amazing original music, or start with his song “Easter & Keeko” below:

Here’s a handful of images I’ve captured of Nicholas over the past 8 years:

Here’s a fun video that I shot of Nicholas singing his original tune “What’s This?” from his album Together We’re Stronger.

And here is that quick little documentary with a few appearances by yours truly…

Go Nicholas!!!

– Jackson Tyler Eddy