UPDATE: Just got word that this image was published today (4.23.2014) in National Geographic‘s Daily Dozen, as chosen by their editors. WooHoo! Check it out here: http://on.fb.me/1jLwAMO

The perks of proximity… My schedule had me out west to shoot an engagement session in Colorado, and to shoot 4 shows of the Nicholas David & The Avett Brothers tour in the Pacific Northwest. Once their tour leg had ended in Missoula, Montana I was able to sneak over to Yellowstone National Park for a really quick first visit.

On a very late October evening I sat quietly for 90 minutes, under the glowing stars of Yellowstone, waiting to see Old Faithful blow for the first time. I had the camera settings all dialed in for the gorgeous night sky when, unexpectedly, the moon began to break, and rise perfectly over the mountains, pouring on the gorgeous moonlight, just as Old Faithful began to blow. It was one of those magical moments where you just stand in awe of the beauty and wonderment of this world. =D


*If this kind of photography floats your boat I do share a decent amount of other landscape images over on my Facebook page and one here too.  I plan on adding a section to this site with a bunch more of my Landscape work as well, if I can ever catch up on my client work.  =D