This Wallowa Lake wedding in Joseph, Oregon reminds me of a scene straight out of The Sound of Music…except the main characters here are a super cool couple who absolutely did this wedding thing right.

I’m excited to share this gorgeous destination wedding, from a massively underrated Oregon location. This post will not only showcase the fun day and the stunning beauty of the area but it will also be super helpful to those looking to plan your own Destination Wedding at Wallowa Lake.

Included Details Below

– Wedding Day/Couple Details
– Wedding Ceremony Location
– Resort & Lodging Information
– Wedding Reception Venue Details
– Large Gallery of Wedding Photos


Wallowa Lake Wedding Day Details

Awesome couple. Epic location. Double bonus!

But really, I cannot even begin to tell you how great it was working with Mandy & Rudy…and all their awesome friends and family! Mandi found me searching the interwebs for all things ‘eco-friendly wedding’ and incorporated a lot of “green” into her big day. Yet another perfect touch.

I love destination weddings and this 4th of July weekend wedding in Joseph, Oregon was one for the ages. Everything took place around the absolutely gorgeous Wallowa Lake, which sits somewhat isolated from the rest of the world in northeast Oregon. From the firework show, to the beautiful lakeside log cabins, to the breathtaking ceremony site, being situated high up on the moraine overlooking the lake, and the picturesque mountain range in every direction. It was just absolutely perfect. And on top of all that goodness they had an absolutely epic dance party that went into the wee hours. And after that dance party we ran around the foothills of the Wallowa Mountains, under a stunningly brilliant midnight sky. I don’t use this term lightly (or ever) but this destination wedding was truly amazeballs. 😉


Wedding Ceremony Location

The location is privately owned by a local Joseph, Oregon area business. They do allow select weddings on their beautiful property. Please reach out to me directly and I can share their contact information privately.


Resort & Lodging Information

The bride & groom rented out amazing log cabins right on the water. This resort is hands down the best lodging option for your Oregon destination wedding at Wallowa Lake.

Wallowa Lake Resort
84681 Ponderosa Lane
Joseph, OR 97846
Phone: 541-432-2391

I stayed in a cool little cabin right on the river at their sister resort Flying Arrow Resort and it was equally amazing.


Wedding Reception Venue in Joseph, Oregon

The wedding reception took place at the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture in Downtown Joseph. It’s a great wedding venue that can accommodate both large and intimate wedding receptions.

Not only is the Josephy Center an awesome place for a wedding but they have a fantastic mission that you’ll be supporting as well. From their website, “The Josephy Center for Arts and Culture serves as a gathering place to celebrate, promote, and inspire arts and culture for all Wallowa County residents and visitors.” In addition to weddings they also host yoga, meditation, film screenings, speakers, and other culturally significant special events. Each month they feature around 20 local area artists’ work. The whole vibe here is really great.

Notable Features:
– Spacious log cabin design
– Modern amenities
– Great dance floor
– Beautiful window lighting
– Awesome art installations
– Centralized location
– Mountain views

Complete wedding venue rental pricing, details, and terms & conditions can be found here.

Josephy Center for Arts & Culture
403 Main Street
Joseph, OR 97846
Phone: (541) 432-0505


Large Gallery of Wallowa Lake Wedding Photos

As you’ll see in the wedding photos below, it was a sensational sunny summer wedding day full of love, laughter, and happy tears. And it took place in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Enjoy the large collection of wedding images below, from this one of kind Joseph, Oregon wedding on Wallowa Lake.


Bride and groom sit under an absolutely brilliantly lit starry night sky, facing the Wallowa Mountains, on their wedding day

Wide angle image of Wallowa Lake with the Wallowa Mountains in the background

4th of July fireworks over Wallowa Lake

Close up of wedding rings hanging from a lit sparkler during a Wallowa Lake Wedding in Joseph, Oregon

Wide view from across the lake looking at an awesome privately owned wedding ceremony location high on the moraine overlooking Wallowa Lake

Wedding dress hangs in a tree with Wallowa Lake in the background

Wallowa Lake lakeside log cabin with huge windows and stunning views during destination wedding in Joseph, Oregon

Bride getting her makeup done with her wedding dress hanging behind her in a beautiful lakeside log cabin before her Wallowa Lake destination wedding

View thru a unique hand-carved wooden railing as the bride puts on her wedding dress during her Oregon destination wedding on Wallowa Lake

Bride & Grooms first look in a gorgeous flowering field at the base of the Wallowa Mountains during their destination wedding in Oregon

Bride and groom share a tender moment embracing next to a cool old red barn that overlooks a beautiful field of yellow flowers at the base of the Wallowa Mountains during their destination wedding in Joseph, Oregon

Groomsmen sharing a laugh in the mountains

Handmade wooden door entrance to the wedding ceremony site overlooking Wallowa Lake in Joseph, OR

Father walks his beautiful bride daughter down the grassy isle at a privately owned and super unique wedding ceremony site in Joseph, Oregon, overlooking Wallowa Lake and the stunning Wallowa Mountains

One-of-a-kind wedding ceremony location in Joseph, Oregon that overlooks Wallowa Lake and shows the bride and groom standing up at the altar, with the stunning views of the Wallowa Mountains behind them.

Telephoto image of the stunning wedding ceremony location in Joseph, OR that shows the grandness of the Wallowa mountain range behind them and is reminiscent of the mountains scenes (and hilariously famous memes) from the classic movie, The Sound of Music.

Bride & Groom share their first kiss up at the altar with a stunning mountainous background behind them during their Wallowa Lake wedding in Joseph, OR

The bride and her bridesmaids walking through the grassy fields with the massive Wallowa Mountains behind them during a super fun Oregon destination wedding

Night time photo of the starry sky sitting over the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture during the wedding reception in this cool log cabin style Joseph, OR wedding venue

First dance smiles between the bride and groom during their wedding reception at the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture

Father daughter dance at the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture

Mother son dance at the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture

The brides brother makes and epic leap to grab the garter during the garter toss section of the wedding reception at the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture

Bride tosses her bouquet during her Joseph, Oregon wedding reception at the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture

The bride chugs Everclear on the dance floor, during her Oregon destination wedding at the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture

Groomsen lifts the groom up in the air during the wedding reception dance at the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture

Photo showing the incredible peak-energy moment on a packed dance floor at the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture

A packed dance floor during the wedding reception at the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture with everyone singing at the top of their lungs

The last photo on a packed dance floor, during the last song being played at the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture, during an wedding reception, with everyones hands high in the air and dancing like crazy